McDonalds worker and Mom of 3 is in for the shock of a lifetime

McDonalds worker and Mom of 3 is in for the shock of a lifetime

The holidays aren’t easy for everyone, especially for a mom of 3 who works at a McDonald’s in Meadow Lake, SK. That’s why an Alberta radio station wanted to bring her some much-needed holiday cheer.

Like other media outlets around the country, including Alberta CBX that made a waitress’ day, they gave this resident a helping hand.

They showed up to this mom’s job and started chatting with her. The McDonald’s employee, who has a 1-year-old at home, began to cry when asked about the upcoming holiday.

“She is always smiling and so cheery, like she was this morning,” the radio station wrote in the caption. “Until we asked what she wanted to get for her daughters this Christmas.”

The radio station then offered the mom a special gift, which brought even more tears to her eyes. She had won a shopping trip with up to $3,000 to spend. She could spend as much as she wanted, and could keep the leftovers to spend as she chooses.

The Mom then proceeded to tell the station how she wanted to spend it all on gifts for her 3 daughters which has, of course, divided opinions of the listeners.

“If you’re so poor, why would you over-spoil the kids for just one day?”

Many viewers however were touched by this moment, including one who said, “Brought tears to my eyes! I’m so doing a random act of kindness tomorrow!”

“Thank you to Decorah Bank & Trust Co. and some Secret Santas for making this hardworking mother’s day! We hope she and her 15-month-old baby have a happy holiday!” the radio station added.

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?

You can’t imagine the joy you could bring for such a small action. Spread the love <3

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